"Merging public opportunities
with private success"

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About our Name

(a·ca·cia - Pronounced uh-kay-shuh) We are proud of our company and its plan for doing business, and wanted to select a name that would portray the right image to our clients. The acacia tree embodies that image and has become the symbol of the great symbiosis between us and our clients. The name “Acacia” represents many of the qualities and values we think are important in today's world...not only in business, but also in our personal lives. For these reasons and more, we believe our company is well-named. Click here for more information.

About our Company

Acacia Diversified Holdings is a full-reporting, publicly-owned corporation with the goal of combining with or acquiring and operating successful businesses. Our past focus has been the automotive auction arena, including automobiles, trucks, boats, motor homes, RVs and related. That focus is now changing to give the Company a wider variety of choices for business combinations going forward. For a full history of the company as well as its plans for the future, its management, SEC filings and much more, please click on the appropriate links at the top or bottom of each page or any of the underlined links within the text bodies within the pages on this site. (The "More" links in the navigation bars at the tops and bottoms of each page list all the links to additional pages for your convenience.) Thank you for visiting Acacia, and please come back again.